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The Tabletop. tabletop gaming projects & assorted shenanigans.

I got into tabletop games almost as early as I got into computer games and kept at them since. Board games, RPGs, wargames? Been there, rolled the dice. I used to really follow the world of "analogue games" in the past, but as my tastes matured (or maybe I just got old?), I stopped carrying about the "new hotness" and got much pickier. Nowadays I prefer thematic games with light rules, so when I play, I can immerse myself in the story and explore the game's world. I want an "experience" more than a set of rules I can master.

This is the kind of stuff you'll find inside here - designs and musing on rules-lite thematic games.

*** currently this section is tad messy as I am organizing my projects ***

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