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Phantaspiel. a game of imagination.

Phantaspiel is a collection of guidelines, advice and procedures for collaborative adventuring in shared, fantastical worlds.

It's a game of imagination, similar to roleplaying games in many ways, but differing from them in the use of mechanical systems. Instead of trying to simulate a world using rigid rules and numerical systems, the game puts focus on following the in-fiction logic, making narration the most important part of the resolution mechanic.

The game is currently being written. it's a big task, that will take some time. In the meantime, this place will host my notes on this project. Feel free to look around.

The idea behind the game. #

I have been playing this game, in one form or another, for a long time now. The rules where never written down, as the game is considerably less about the rules (in fact I was playing it using bunch of different systems and rulesets) and more about the approach and mentality. It's about immersing yourself in the world and keeping any rules systems out of the way of play. It's narrative. It's simple. It's freeform. It's a game I would have made if D&D never existed.

Until recently it never occurred to me that writing all this down would be of any value to anyone else. After all, this is simply how I run my games. This changed when I found out about FKR. I discovered people who play the same way I do, and people who want to learn more about it. Being a part of those communities was really eye opening. I have learned a lot both about how others play and how to improve my games. I also realized something troubling - this playstyle is very ephemeral.

Those games (even more than traditonal RPGs) exist outside of written text. Mainly because the way to play in this style exists only in minds of the people who already play it. Any "rules" put to paper assume a level of familiarity with the playstyle and lack the explanation of basic procedures of play. This means that anyone outside of this "inner circle " needs to do a lot of legwork before even attempting to play a FKR game.

So, I decided to do something about it and write a guidebook explaining FKR mentality and how I use it - warts and all! The idea is to give someone completely new (either to FKR or RPG in general) the tools needed to play.

It's a tricky task. I have started writing this "game" couple times before, but the "voice" was all wrong. It still read like a book of rules you need to follow, which is far from the goal. My current (third) attempt is writing from a point of view of someone who never heard about RPGs and discovered it by accident. It's slow going, but it feels right.

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