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The Mimeo Stencils.

New old stock stencils are really rare and pretty much out of the question. Seen people using a risograph or a thermal copier (used in tattooing) to produce stencils. Both approaches use expensive equipment... and also require electricity, so it falls outside of scope of my project. Time to find some contemporary alternatives!

Contenders are (in order of least to most "rare"): your run-of-the-mill store bought wax paper, etching paper (used to etch metal, seems to be only available in specialty stores) and specialty wax papers like the ones 10-48 uses and sells.

Another approach is to find some chemical that we can brush onto paper to create a waxy resist for ink. It might require befriending a chemist. I should probably find some stencil patents (they are long expired) and see what they use there. Will dig into this if wax paper fails miserably.

Last resort is using silkscreen. Drawing Fluid seems more accessible (as it doesn't require a transparency and special UV curing). In a perfect world, we could recreate the Japanese Easy Silk Printing using Sun Drawing emulsion, but this is not available in US/Europe.

My first tests using wax paper failed to print. I think the issue is that the contemporary wax paper is coated with wax on both sides. I am planning to doing few more experiments to compensate for that soon.

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