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Cool Links does what it says on the tin.

This is my collection of all kinds of interesting sites I stumbled upon online. I am adding them in reverse chronological order, so the lower the link on this page, the greater the chances of the website no longer being online. I always try to make sure the page is archived, so check wayback machine in those cases.

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analogjoy.club archives and translates vintage Japanese board games.

lvllvl.com is a really robust petscii drawing web tool. It lets you draw your own art cell by cell or convert any image to petscii both with and without c64 restrictions.

simplifier.neocities.org is a no-nonsense website cataloging "technology that is reliable, understandable, and practical for an individual to build for themselves."

skrekkogle.com is an ex design studio. I love their work, especially the industrial design, with Plugg being my favorite product they created.

image optimizer is a web tool that lets you quickly optimize images for web. Really handy when you don't have a raster editor or have to get a pic quick.

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