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Frivolous Tabletop Warfare! a deceptively simple Kriegspiel-pop ruleset!

FTW! is a grand scale wargame for the rest of us. Throw off the yoke of byzantine rule systems and expensive specialist wargaming equipment and focus on the fun parts of being a warlord! Make decisions. Command your armies. Outsmart, and not simply out-roll, your opponent.

Frivolous Features:

Frivolous Origins #

Ever since I discovered fkr and learned about Kriegspiel I got enamoured with the aesthetic of wooden block & map wargames. There's something about it that really sparks my imagination. I can totally see some generals of yesteryear sitting around similar maps, moving similar pieces and planning their moves. I can imagine the armies marching through forests and clashing on the hills as the abstract blocks are pushed around the map. I wanted a game like that. A game that lets me loom over a map and feel like a general.

Long story short - I couldn't find a game that did that, so I decided to make one. Is it a good idea to make wargame starting with aesthetic first? Probably not. It's definitely not the traditional way of doing game design, especially in the wargaming space. But I wanted to make such game, even if it goes against the wargaming grain... so, the Frivolous Tabletop Warfare was born.

FTW! is not really that concerned with simulation or balance. All this detail gets lost when you're commanding hundreds of troops anyway. The rules exist to give your imaginary battles some structure, but beyond that they pretty much get out of the way.

Saying all that, the rules have a surprising amount of depth. This is because FTW! stands on the shoulders of giants. I have poured over numerous different wargame rulesets, picked the bits I like and frankensteined them together into something I (and hopefully, you) want to play.

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